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Miss Nancy:
(631) 421 -8442

3-4 Year Old
4-5 2 1/2 yr old
45 minutes
Acting Academy Theater
5 yr old
4-5 yr old
4:00pmJazz/Hip Hop
5-7 yr old
5-7 yr old
5-7 yr old
8-10 yr old
6:00pmHip Hop
9-12 yr old
8-10 yr old
7:00pmJazz Theater
8-10 yr old
11 & up
8:00pmJazz / Theater
11 & Up
Tap Inter-
9:00pmAdult Hip Hop 


Dear Nancy,

September 1999- Hannah in her pink tutu and blonde pig tails-walks into her first dance class. Sixteen recitals later, she leaves the stage in tears because Dancin' Feet has been her home away from home. What a joy it has been to watch all you, Stacey, & Michele have taught her all these years. I can't thank you enough for giving Hannah such an amazing life experience. You made her a dancer and now she plans to keep dancing at Harvard! Thank you Nancy, from the bottom of my heart, for loving my girl and being such an amazing part of these last sixteen years! xoxo


Now that Ariella has left for College, I sit back and reflect on all the things Donna and I have done and tried to do to help her grow and to be the best person she can be.. And then I think about others that have also done the same for Ariella. One of the first people that comes to mind is Nancy…Actually, Miss Nancy. From 2 years old to 18, Miss Nancy and Dancin Feet provided Ariella a major part of her life. The part that gave her unforgettable life experiences (dancing at Disney, The Orange Bowl, Lincoln Center, The Met game, getting lessons from Rockettes at Radio City, gaining self confidence in performance, learning teamwork, providing her first summer job, the opportunity to teach others (Miss Ariella) which she loved more than anything. Allowing her to proudly hang artwork at the studio for others to see.This part of Ariella’s life helped her to easily make the HighStepping competition team in high school. This part of her life helped her to realize how much she wanted to teach young children in her future. This part of her life helped her produce a proud college resume. This part of her life helped her to become who she is today.And if that wasn’t enough, thanks to Miss Nancy and her dancing studio, Miss Bethany is following right behind her sister. Miss Bethany, from less than 2 years old to almost 15 has been as fortunate as her sister to be a part of Miss Nancy’s world.We are all very lucky to have found you, and we are ever so grateful.

-- Bruce and Donna

Dear Miss Nancy,

Thank you for having this studio, filled with patient, kind & hard working teachers. Dance has given Markella an area to shine in and instilled a passion for all types of dancing. In one short year Tess blossomed and learned to love dancing & being on stage. You have given them confidence and we are eternely grateful.

-- Greg & Melissa

Thank you so much for opening this amazing studio! You have created a place where I know myself and many others have grown to be so familiar and comfortable with. The past 14 years have been the best years of my life. I know if I never danced at Dancin' Feet I wouldn't be who I am today.

-- xoxo Victoria

Just a note to thank you, Miss Stacey, Miss Kimmy and everyone who worked so hard to make Friday night's party such a success. Mary really had a great time and went to sleep clutching her precious medal. She was so proud to get the medal.

Thank you again,

-- Lorena McDermott

Just a note to thank YOU and everyone at Dancin' Feet for all your work and patience and enthusiasm this past year. Sunday was a joy and you certainly had me tearing up during the Cinderella dance. What a wonderful Father's Day gift to all those daddys. Thank you again, see you at camp and next year.

-- Lorena McDermott
Mary's Mimi

Thank you Nancy! The recital was fantastic. I just wanted to thank you, and all of the ladies of Dancin' Feet for your hard work and efforts with our little girls ...and our husbands;) The Cinderella dance was so beautiful. Thanks for creating such a special memory for all of our families. My husband is not a "dancer", but to see him up on stage with his little girl was a memory I'll never forget, and I know he truly enjoyed.

Hope you have all gotten a chance to relax and enjoy the success of this year's recital!

-- Best regards,
Kristen Kisner

That was the most amazing show ever ! We are honored to be a part of your Family :)))

-- Dawn

Miss Kimi

Wow another awesome year! There was certainly a buzz that this year was the best ever, but then I think that every year! The dads and daughters dance WAS adorable I know my husband thoroughly enjoyed it even though he was resistant in the beginning, sorry about that. It really comes through how much you and the teachers love all the kids and what a great family Dancin Feet really is. Thank you for another great year x

-- The Hodgsons

Dear Ms. Arner:

You gave... she made a wish... and magic will happen! I wish to extend my sincere thanks to you for hosting a Dance Marathon at your studio on March 23rd, which raised over $2,750 for our organization. This gift will allow us to continue sharing the hope, strength and joy a wish can bring to seriously ill Children.

This donation will help grant the wish of Adriana, age 5, from Mastic, who has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Her wish is to go to Disney World with her family. Wishes like this are possible thanks to the support of donors like you!

In the past year, the Suffolk County chapter has granted more than 120 Wishes to children. Your generosity, combined with the support of others, allows us to bring magic to the lives of local children who are facing life-threatening illnesses. Thank you for helping us share the power of a wish with every medically eligible child.

-- Joanne McGiveron
Director of Community Relations

To Ms. Kimi and the Dancin' Feet Staff, --
On behalf of Cold Spring Harbor Nursery School I wanted to express our thanks for bringing Dancin' Feet to our school last week. There have been many days spent inside during the cold winter months so the kids were so happy to be able to let loose for a while!

We love having local businesses, like yourselves, participate in our schools programs. lt's that small sense of small community that makes this area a great place to be raising our families!

We look forward to working with you again next year!

-- Cold Spring Harbor Nursery School
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Nancy and all the families --
This is my last year with Dancing Feet with Allie Jordan. She will be graduating from ST Anthony's in just a few short weeks. Allie has been with Miss Nancy since the studio opened at 3 years old.The experience has been wonderful and I am forever thankful to all of the dancing instructors that taught Allie to dance.

To all the parents --
Keep your child in Dance especially at Dancing Feet. The world is hard on these kids. Dancing gives them a reason to keep focused and out of harms way.

Bless all of you. We wish we were going to Disneyworld!!!!

-- Mary Jordan and Allie Jordan

Dear Ms. Michelle, Thank you for the best year. I hope I see you soon.

-- Grace

Words can not express how thankful I am to you for making our Grace into a hip hop star and most of all for giving her the joy of dancing. You are an amazing dance teacher and so grateful for all you do.

-- Posilllico

Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts for my graduation .Everytime I wear it I will be reminded of all the great memories I have had at Dancin' Feet. I am going to miss the studio so much this year but I will be back to visit a lot!

I am truly so happy I chose to take classes at Dancin' Feet 7 Years ago beacuse it was one of my best decisions I have ever made.

I met some of my closest friends, experienced some of my proudest moments on stage and met the most incredible teachers. Dancinfeet has both built my confidence and strengthened my technique all while becoming my second home.

I feel like the past 7 years have flown by way too fast and I feel like it was just yesterday I was walking into my first ever hiphop class with Miss Stacey, so young and timid.

All of the teachers at Dancin' Feet have made an impact on me both as person and as a dancer. Through determination and support I was able to prove to myself that my disease would not limit what I could achieve.

While I wish I was not a senior and that I could turn back time, I know deep down that it is time to move unto my next chapter in life. But I have great memories to take with me.

Thank you for everything you all have done for me. Wherever life takes me, I'll never stop dancing!

-- Courtney Boccio

Wow! Another year come and gone! Hard to believe this was our 12th year at Dancin' Feet. We're looking forward to another great year ahed. Hope you have a great summer!

-- Gina, Peter, Caroline & Emma

Just a short note to say how great the Dancin' Feet performers were at the Great Gatsby Event. Thery cerntainly were the hit of the evening. They have been the talk of the town.

All these performances were outstanding. Thank you so much along with the Dancin' Feet girls, for such a wonderful show.

-- Tom Forte

It is hard to believe that we are saying, "It's recital weekend." for the 14th year. Dancin' Feet has been a part of our lives that we will never forget. We want to thank you for the dedication, respect, love and support you have given Sophia through all these years.

It takes a village! We are so fortunate to have had you in ours. We wish Dancin' Feet continued success through decades to come. These flowers will live for a short time but what you have given Sophia will last a lifetime! Thank you!

-- Maxine & Greg Wetanson

"We are so happy to finally pay you all of what we owed. Natalia would not have been able to dance if it wasn’t for your kindness and patience. I am convinced dance made her a better athlete; pound for pound she is the better athlete than most. You and your beautiful family deserve any good fortune that comes your way."

-- Diane and Natalia Chaney

"When Dana and I were having lunch, we were saying how was dance. Did you listen to your teacher miss stacey? Then all the things she had to do, like, finish eating, wash your hands, go potty, go for a nap, then she adds in go back to Dancin Feet then says I want to be a teacher when I grow up."

-- Karen Corwin

"...Thank you for such a wonderful dance studio. It is a great learning environment. The dance teachers teach really extravagant dancing techniques and the dances are very creative...Dancin' Feet is such a comfortable place for me. I also get to make more friends at dance."

- Stephanie Rafuse (student)

"Thank you for providing a dance studio that teaches our girls to strive to do their best. Thank you for letting them have fun while they learn. Thank you for teaching our girls the valuable lesson of being true to their dancing and themselves. Our girls LOVE to perform at competition and appreciate the opportunity...and we want you to know how very PROUD we are to be a part of such a dignified dance studio!"

-Caroline and Linda (parents)

"I wanted to commend you for all your hard work and efforts for the calendar recital. I didn't think you could top last year, but the show was fantastic and the production and choreography of all the numbers were excellent! I had many guests who attended who attended with me that afternoon who commented the it was the best recital they had ever been to. Most importantly, my daughter, Sarah, loves to dance and thoroughly enjoys her time at Dancin' Feet. She is always asking me what her number is going to be at next year's recital. I am proud of her and certainly proud to have her participate at Dancin' Feet. Keep up the great work and we'll see you in September!"

-Deborah Kendric (parent)

"Thank you for giving me the great opportunity to dance in a Broadway studio and learn those special dance moves and see 42nd Street. I had so much fun! I loved it and I love you to!

-Gabriela (student)

" We want to thank you for making Ela's birthday so special! Everyone had a great time & everyone could not stop complimenting the party! Ela felt like a "princess"! You were wonderful with the girls. Thank you for everything! "

-Eve, Jose & Ela

"Thanks for another fantastic year. You and your staff continue to amaze me every year with all you manage to accomplish with your students. Have a wonderful summer..."

-The Saros Family

"Thank you so much for your generous Christmas gift. I also want to thank you for always being there for me - especially lately. It has been hard for me to just get out of bed - but knowing that I have such wonderful people in my life - like you - has helped make it easier. You have always told me to go for my dreams and do what will make me happy. Thank you for being such an inspiration & role model in my life. I love you Nancy. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! "


"I wanted you to know how speechless we were to receive your amazing bag of items for Naomi. She felt so special and excited with such beautiful ballet items. You really left nothing out. You have done so much for Naomi and she has loved this class. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity. "

-Nicole Rubin

"Thank you so much for helping me go to alvin ailey this summer. You and Dancin Feet are the best. I'll try my best to represent!!!"

-Love Danielle

"Thank you for the cupcakes. Thank you for teaching us so many dance moves. You are the best teacher ever!"

-Love Hannah

"Dear Miss Nancy, You have a great dance studio! I am Happy to be a part of it. Thank you for another wonderful year."

-Love Hayley Drace